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Back in the eighties, Robert Duncan wrote the play of Cluedo. Based on Waddington's board game, the comedy starred all the usual suspects - Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett and co - and had six different endings, the murderer being chosen by a secret audience vote in the interval. The cast then had to go into the ending of the night.

Cluedo broke box office records on its opening tour, including the Theatre Royal Windsor. The play toured for three seasons to house filling effect. And then...

Waddington's were sold to Hasbro, who withdrew permission to produce the play. After years of argument Robert Duncan finally decided to rewrite the show without the seven bits that Hasbro own - the title and the six characters.

So meet CUT! The same plot, but set in the world of thirties movies. Reshaped and tighter than the original, the new comedy was snapped up by a New Zealand theatre group, and England's Thame Players for their 2019 seasons.

Could your group handle the horrors of six different endings? Have a look at the script and see...


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A musical fairy story about a pair of princes, one good and the other utterly evil, who inherit what they expect to be a kingdom, and not a lump of rain soaked rock sticking out of an angry sea...

Recorded backing tracks, vocal demos and a video are available.


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A beautifully crafted pantomime. A subtly different take on the traditional French story, set in Scotland with loads of fun ideas, romance and very silly songs...

Recorded backing tracks, vocal demos and a video are available.



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Classic pantomime with loads of sweet inspired jokes. Fresh, fun, and a bit different. See you at Ma's Bar...


One fee - £60 a night, which includes a downloadable script for you to print out and edit for the inevitable local references.

Also includes use of the publicity material, illustrations and logos in existence.

Music tracks and CDs by arrangement.

Ring Robert Duncan On 01844 201200 to chat about it, and to be sent a simple performance license.

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